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SokoSolve is a Sokoban game and enthusiast tools. Featuring: Game, Library, Solver, Editor, and Generator. SokoSolve is free GPL open source, and is kindly hosted by SourceForge. It is written for Windows (in C#.NET).

Sokoban is the Japanese word (倉庫番) for warehouse keeper and is a puzzle game in which the player must push (but never pull) one crate/box at a time to predetermined goal positions. The game has few rules and appears simple, yet it is surprisingly addictive and holds unexpected complexity. More History | Why Sokoban?

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The current version of SokoSolve is the 1.3.50-beta release, which features the re-inclusion of an automated puzzle solver, together with numerous improvements and bug fixes. Many thanks to all those who send in feedback! more...

Special thanks to: minglw, megerian, izecksohn, wavecycle.

1 Year Review

It has been over a year since the last release, so it is time to review progress. Check my blog for progress: Review Part One, Review Part Two. Please contact me if you have any requests or feedback. In addition the project needs developers, so if you can help, drop us a line!

Feature Blocks



Allow the player to solve puzzles in an animated environment, which includes advanced mouse movement. Sounds effects and music. The ultimate aim is for the user to play against the solver, or other human players.



The real home for any Sokoban enthusiast. The library features an extensible XML implementation with rich content, saved solutions, puzzle alternatives, a puzzle editor, and import and export tools.



The ability to solver and analyse puzzles from the library. If you get stuck -- which we all have -- then this block can help you find a solution. It plots a graph of all possible move, highlighting the best ones.

Technically, this is the only block that is interesting, so for those technically inclined have a look at the solver page.


This is essentially the end-goal for the project. To be able to generate interesting (from a human perspective) puzzles, which are checked as valid by the solver, and then played in the Game/Library blocks. This feature is currently under development.


If you like SokoSolve, or if you don't, let us know!

It has taken a lot of time and effort to build this software, it is your feedback that makes it worthwhile.

SokoSolve is written and maintained by Guy Langston (Bitwacker), and be reached by email or  via his BLOG for more information, projects, etc. Logo

SokoSolve is GPL, all documentation (site included) is GFDL. Contact web admin.