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SokoSolve is far from a finished product, as such there are many contributions needed. If you have the time and inclination, any help would be appreciated, and will be fully adknowledged. Contact

Sokoban has a great international following and active community. Get involved! A good starting point is to review the project WIKI


SokoSolve needs new and interresting puzzle libraries that can be added to the distribution. General discussion for puzzles should take place on the discussion forums, along with with puzzle submissions.

Libraries should be submitted in SokoSolve .SSX file format, with the author and license information filled in. Any puzzle solutions are also welcome.

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New skins, logos, buttons, backgrounds. Specifically:

Sounds & Music

SokoSolve needs a rich array of sound effects and background music.

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It would be great to get translations in place for other languages: German, French, Spanish, Polish, Japanese.

Help Documentation

Help documentation in XHTML format is needed. Particularly: the solver, editor, import wizard and game skinning.


A group of testers is needed to check the release and suggest improvements. Logo

SokoSolve is GPL, all documentation (site included) is GFDL. Contact web admin.