SokoSolve | Why Sokoban?

Sokoban is a simple little game, however it invagles its way into your brain. The rules are extremely simple:

However, in spite of these simple rules, the game generates some intreging complexity. There is a hook in looking at what appears to be a simple puzzle, and then finding to your horror that there is no obvious solution. You see, the game is deceptively hard and manifests distinct tactics and strategy. Indeed many times you will look at a puzzle, and inspite of it appearing inocous, declare it unsolvable while knowing full well there must be a solution.

I was introduced to Sokoban via the venerable KSokoban. I showed it to some friend and very quickly we got addicted, so much so, that the next morning a friend of mine Paul was still going, having lost a night of sleep, and no doubt having lost some of his sanity too. At this point I know there was something too the game -- but lacking Paul's ruthless deadication -- I opted to build a solver instead.

Why a Sokoban Solver?

As the rules are simple, the solver is not too bad. Simple puzzles are easy to find a solution to. But there is room to grow also...

Guy Langston (Bitwacker)

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SokoSolve is GPL, all documentation (site included) is GFDL. Contact web admin.