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Quick Start

The SokoSolve installation process is easy... Download and run the installer:


Detailed Guide

Step 1. Download the lastest SokoSolve installer

  • Download the installer from the SourceForge download service
    • Click the Download button on this page
    • Select the standard MSI package(*). eg. "SokoSolve-bin-X.X.XX-alpha.msi"
    • Download and then run this file
    • Follow the installer wizard
    • Click "Program Files > Games > SokoSolve Sokoban" to play.

Step 2. (If needed) The .NET 2.0 Runtime windows update

SokoSolve requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 (or better) runtime, which is a standard part of Microsoft Windows. For most people this will already be installed. It is already included in Vista, or is automatically installed via Microsoft Windows Updates. More information about .NET 2.0 redistribution can be found here.

If you are uncertain, do step 2 (download & run installer) -- it will check for you. Otherwise, you can install .NET 2.0 by:

Feedback and Support


If there are any installation problems or bugs in the software, you can add them anonymously on the development project page. This is the preferred method, but you can also email the team at


There is also a feature request service, which is great if you have any good ideas or rough edges you would like clean up.

If you are a Sokoban enthusiast you can contribute to SokoSolve (levels, puzzle, solutions, testing, music, graphics, development, etc).


(*) SokoSolve-bin-X.X.XX-alpha.msi -- is the standard installer package. This is for most people.
SokoSolve-bin-debug-X.X.XX-alpha.msi -- is a debug version of the installer which has more helpfull debug symbols, etc. -- is a simple xcopy folder distribution. You just unzip and run it. -- is the source code snapshot for the release.
-alpha means semi-stable; -beta means stable; -release means final user version. Logo

SokoSolve is GPL, all documentation (site included) is GFDL. Contact web admin.